After several years of international experience and collaboration in the nautical sector, Nav System have established its new headquarter in the Palazzolo dello Stella-Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine province) district since the year 2001.

The company can offers a wide range of services strictly related to manufacturing on boats of any size.

Nav System is also specialized in the sale of boats and related post-sale assistance.

All services provides by Nav System represent the foundations of constant and never-ending development in the pertinent sector, supported by excellent feedback by the clients that have entrusted us with their projects.

Following to the economical development of the far-est markets, also Nav System has joined the global trading world by establishing base in Xiamen, province of Fujian, in China.

Nav System has been serving the Chinese market since 2009 aiming at marketing luxury boats, equipment for marinas and crafts that are exclusively Made in Italy.

With the aid of on site representatives and strategic commercial offices in Italy, Nav System want to achieve the best results, in a process of development continuos and stable.

Nav System shall be in the position of guaranteeing a stable and incessant flow of Made in Italy companies, technologies, skills and professionalism, as well as of enhancing the reputation of Xiamen City, Hainan Island and Canton area, as a new productive market and invesment area for potential European partners.

Nav System's expertise was greatly appreciated by the Chinese Government, which entrusted the company with the entire management of the harbor services in the main seashore of city of Xiamen and Hainan Island, with the purchase from Nav System, which Asia Dealer of company ASCOM-Italy, of a 50 ton Travel-Lift for the movement of boats in Xiamen Marina.

By being onsite in the Chinese territory, in May 2010 it was possible to sign an exclusivity agreement for five years with the government controlled company Road&Bridges Yacht Development Co.,ltd, that allowed Nav System to become Global Partner in the fair "China (Xiamen) International Boat Show", managing the creation and building of the whole Italian area.

As a result of the new settlement of the Consul General of Italy in Canton, Mr. Benedetto Latteri, the Nav System was able to start new collaboration with the Italian Consulate.

From 2010, the Nav System has started a prestigious collaboration with the Architect Alessandro Inno, owner of the company Ino Group of Rome , for innovative research design and architecture, making use of specialist marine engineers, who follow the projects from the design phase, the construction and completation of the same.

Thanks to the experience gained in the nautical field, from 2015 our company has opened a branch for processing of carbon fiber.
We are able to follow all the stages, from engineering, the construction of the prototype, to get to the production cycle.



Nav System born from professionalism, expertise and leadership of Mr. Eriberto Morsanuto, who h
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